Clients feedback video - Turk and Caicos Island

Our fellow diver Alex just returned home from his recent Turk and Caicos trip (28th November 2020), onboard with Turk and Caicos Aggressor II.

Alex has got some stories and tips wanna share with us today!

Diving condition in Turk and Caicos Island

On the week of 28th November 2020

Water temperature: 80° - 82° F
Air temperature: 83° - 92° F
Exposure suit recommendation: 3mm full

Dive sites of the week :
Sunday: Eel Garden & The Dome – Northwest Point
Monday: Boat Cove & Spanish Anchor– West Caicos
Tuesday: Rock N Roll & G-Spot – French Cay
Wednesday: Gullies & Magic Mushroom – West Caicos
Thursday: Half Mile & G-Spot – French Cay
Friday: Amphitheater - Northwest Point

Capitain Logs from Aggressor

Day 1 :
Saturday afternoon our guests arrived, after the preboarding temperature checks, Captain Amanda invited them aboard. They got busy right away setting up their dive gear before we escorted them to their cabins. Once everyone settled to their cabins, they gathered in the salon for some rum punch, hors d’oeuvres, and the Captain’s initial safety briefing. We were staying at Turtle Cove Marina for the night, setting out early in the morning with high tide. After a full day of traveling, the guests enjoyed a nice relaxing night getting to know each other, dinner, and then getting to bed early.

Day 2 :
Sunday morning, we set out at dawn with the tide as planned. Our 2 hour crossing to Northwest Point (NWPT) gave us the time to go over out initial Dive Briefing with full bellies our divers were now prepared for a dive of diving!

Day 3 :
Sunday morning, we set out at dawn with the tide as planned. Our 2 hour crossing to Northwest Point (NWPT) gave us the time to go over out initial Dive Briefing with full bellies our divers were now prepared for a dive of diving!

We moored up at Eel Garden, as our divers finished getting their dive gear and cameras ready for diving, we went over the dive site briefing. The entire crew helped all our divers get properly weighted in the water prior to our first dive. With big smiles and full of anticipation we descended to see the beautiful top of the reef and crystal blue water off the wall. Caribbean Reef Sharks waited no time at all to make an appearance to the delight of all. A Southern Stingray, Hawkbill Turtle and schooling Jakes set the bar high for the rest of the diving for sure!

The Second site was The Dome, known for the large metal structure that is home for many of our favorite reef critters. While the Dome sits on top the wall surrounded by reef, along the wall there is a favorite feature known as the chimney. A cut in the wall that provides a beautiful swim through.

The dinner bell rang and our hungry divers where in for a treat, Chef Kevin had prepared an outstanding 3 course meal that started with a delicious garden salad with bread that set the tone for his main course. To the delight of all, after slow roasting for 3 hours the pork tenderloin was juicy and tender, accompanied by perfectly steamed cauliflower and roast potatoes. With room saved for dessert the anticipation was high. Gasps of joy were heard across the salon as chef presented his signature boat made Key Lime Pie!

Our first Night Dive was here at The Dome as well and did not disappoint! Our night divers got to swim with Reef Sharks, Southern Sting Rays, Spiny Caribbean Lobsters, Channel Clinging Crabs, and much much more. Nothing but happy divers came back after the dive only to be greeted by the crew with warm towels and hot cocoa.

Day 4 :
Monday morning started with an early move the West Caicos, while the guests enjoyed made to order Eggs, Macadamia Nut Pancakes and Bacon. After filling up on breakfast we arrived at our morning dive site Boat Cove.

Excitement filled the air while we all got ready to dive, as Video Pro Kelly lead the dive briefing we couldn’t wait to get into the water. Diving at Boat Cove never disappoints and Monday was no different. The dramatic wall with deep drop offs and amazing blue water gives way to colorful sponges and corals on top of the wall.

With two dives under our belts our divers where ready to recharge with an amazing lunch. Conch Chowder, Meatball Marinara, Broccoli and cheese stuffed pasta shells, hit the spot as the crew relocated the yacht to Spanish Anchor.

An afternoon of diving the Spanish Anchor with its dramatic swim through and amazing photo opportunity along the wall, left our divers hungry for more diving but not until after dinner. Dinner did not disappoint! Chef prepared another outstanding meal that had everyone yearning for more but to full to ask. Local Snapper lightly seasoned, paired with roasted asparagus and a delicious risotto. With full bellies our adventurous night divers descended to find themselves in an enchanted sea scape under a full moon!

Day 5 :
Tuesday morning our divers awoke to a beautiful sun rise as we headed east towards French Cay with flat seas for a smooth crossing. These conditions set the stage for Chef to unveil his legendary Eggs Benedict along with smoked sausages. Fully recharged and ready to get wet, we descended on to Elvis Presley’s favorite site known as Roll n Roll.

Much like the King of Rock n Roll, this site never disappoints. This morning we had beautiful crystal clear blue water when our favorite Reef Sharks swam over to say good morning to us. Lobster adorned the wall as they settled into new holes after their full moon walk the night before. As we turned up from the wall to the shallow we were graced with a fly by from a large majestic Spotted Eagle Ray. After two amazing dives here there was only one way to finish off the morning, and that was with made to order tacos for lunch!

While lunch was enjoyed by all, the crew relocated the yacht to the next dive site, G-spot, known for its dramatic cut in the wall resembling an enormous G from above.

This dive site is always a crowd pleaser. Our divers got enjoy and fly by from an enormous Spotted Eagle Ray, plus more Nurse and Reef Sharks. After two lovely dives, we sat down to Chef Kevin’s Filet Mignon with boat made Chimichurri sauce. After dinner we got prepared for another feeding frenzy, the sharky kind!!!

Day 6 :
Wednesday morning we departed French Cay and headed Northwest to West Caicos to get another full day of diving in there. As our divers filled up on breakfast consisting of Belgium Waffles, Ham Steaks and eggs your way, the crew got the yacht ready to dive Gullies.

Our morning dives were filled with blue water, dramatic walls, friendly reef sharks, and Jaw fish! With cool December winds our excited adventures soaked up the early morning sun in-between dives as they eagerly awaited the glorious sound of the lunch bell, no a soul on board could wait for what Chef had been preparing for them.

Cheeseburger in paradise, with boat made coleslaw, dill and cucumber salad, chips, grilled sausages and fresh fruit. So much tasty food who had time to share stories of the morning dives?

While the guests enjoyed lunch and a video about Silver Bank Humpback Whale charters, the crew moved to another site along West Caicos, know as Magic Mushroom. Here we finished the day of diving, with turtles and more reef sharks! With a bit of weather starting to come in we decided to cross back to French Cay, with its breath taking dives and well protected moorings what better place to overnight?

Day 7 :
Sound sleep for all and calmer we were prepared for a great day of diving. Half Mile is where we spent the morning dives and were treated to a friendly Bottlenose Dolphin encounter while we kicked along the top of the wall. Filled with joy and excitement we sat down to fill our bellies with lunch, while the yacht moved to our afternoon location.

As the sun came out our divers descended to G Spot knowing this legendary site would not disappoint. And boy did it not, we got to dive with Hawkbill Turtles and spotted several Nurse Sharks sleeping, getting ready for tonights main event.

Thursday night dinner on Aggressor means only one thing… Thanksgiving Dinner!! So lets feast. With Thanksgiving dinner finished our stedfast night divers geared up and got themselves ready for the evening entertainment. Our Photo Pro had been spending his week documenting the dive lifestyle that is Aggressor for all our guests and tonight he unveiled his slide show for all to enjoy and take home with them.

After cheers and hearty laughter from all, our night divers descended into the dark shark filled waters of G Spot to enjoy another feeding frenzy, while others relaxed with some Aggressor house wine and a relaxing jacuzzi soak as the moon rose into the nights sky for all to enjoy.

A brief night crossing to a more protected anchorage was all that was needed to insure everyone on board was well rested for our last day of charter.

Day 8 :
We were treated to a rare pre dawn dive this morning and the Reef Sharks decided to show us their excitement as well. After our second dive we packed up and headed back to our home dock. As the guests explored the island the crew prepared the yacht for the Wine and Cheese Party!

Truly an amazing week with amazing guests!!!

Oh, yes, i know you are waiting to see it, Volà, here is Mr.Alex's video feedback! A big thanks to him for sharing this with us.

Just have a look and you'll probably want to give a try as well ;-)

Enjoy his video !


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