Sea Explorer is a budget sailing liveaboard belongs to Blackbeard's Cruises, it offers dive & cruise liveaboard trips in the Exumas land and Sea Park, it can accommodate up to 22 guests.
Date 04/04/20 au 10/04/20
Durée 6 nuits
Bateau Sea Explorer
Destination Exuma Cays
Départ Nassau
Arrivée Nassau
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Sea Explorer is a steel sailing liveaboard built originally in 1984, it has an identical "twin sister" sailboat called Morning Star, they are both belongs to the Blackbeard's Cruises, both sailboats measuring 20m long and 6m wide.

Sea Explorer is a great choice for backpacker divers who wish to save on budget and hang out with other travelers. As it offers all-inclusive scuba diving liveaboard vacations at the budget price, it become very popular with outgoing individuals from all over the world!

The chef will provide three buffet meals a day, snacks and fresh fruits are 24hrs available. Most meals will be typical American cuisine. A selection of complimentary beverages is always on hand: from soft drinks, juices, to beer, wine and rum drinks - all of this will be provided at no extra cost.

Guests also can fishing during the cruise (ONLY outside of the marine parks), all the fishing gear is provided and our cook encourages it! Whatever we catch that is edible is cooked for guests or used for sushi!

Sea Explorer and its identical "twin sister" sailboat - Morning Star may be used interchangeably. In this case, we can take requests for specific berths, however, specific berths are not always guaranteed.


Sea Explorer has 3 domitory-style air-conditioned cabin areas with 18 berths, it can accommodate up to 22 guests per trip :

There is no private accommodations, all berths are dormitory style, each berth has its own privacy curtain similar to a sleeperette on a train. There are some regular 110 volt household current outlets available.

There is a shelf at the end of each berth where you can store clothes and other personal items and a few hooks to hang your ditty bag on too.

8 Single Berths - Cabin Area 1 :
These are the single beds in bunk style, ideal for single travelers or a group of 4 to stay together.

4 Double Berths - Cabin Area 2 :
These are the double bed in bunk style, ideal for couples as they offer the most privacy.

6 Double Berths - Cabin Area 3 / Salon Area :
These are the double bed in bunk style, located in the main salon and galley area with the least privacy, it can be booked for couples or single travelers. For single traveler, these are the most spacious berths possible onboard.

Shared Bathrooms :
There are 4 manually pumped heads (toilets) and one shower equipped with both fresh and saltwater taps for all guests.

Pleast Note : Everyone cringes at the mention of a 30 second fresh water shower but it does warrant some explanation! There are two showerheads in the shower: one fresh and one salt. Saltwater use is unlimited so lather, shampoo, shave, etc. with the unlimited salt water and then use the 30 seconds of fresh water at the end to rinse. Bring your own towels-we recommend two- one for topside and one for showering.


  • 19 dives per week plus many eco adventures.

  • Only 2 dives will be provided on the last diving day.

  • No dive provided on the day of arrival and departure.

  • Normally, diving will NOT provide guiding service but a very in depth briefing

  • Dive master only led all drift dives and shark dives.

Other Informations

  • Nitrox:Not available at the moment
  • 15L Tanks:Available with additional chargem
  • REBREATHER Dive:Not available at the moment
  • Dive Equipment Rental:Limited available with additional charge
  • Water Sports:Fishing gears
  • Dive insurance:Divers travel aboard must have valid dive insurance
  • Wi-Fi Internet :Not available at the moment
  • Laundry Service:Not available at the moment
  • Massage Service:Not available at the moment
  • Payment on board:By cash (USD) only
  • Crew Number:4 - 5, include 1 dive instructor

Cabines & prix

Nom Prix
Double Twin $995.00


  • Bouteilles, ceinture et plombs
  • Boissons alcoolisées (bières et/ou vin)
  • Dispensaire d'eau, café instantané, thé
  • Boissons en bouteilles et cannettes
  • Supplément carburant
  • Dîner la veille du débarquement
  • Excursions terrestres
  • Assurance accident de bateau

Non inclus

  • Transferts Aéroport/Hôtel le jour du départ et du retour
  • Formations possibles à bord
  • Pourboires
  • Location d'équipement
  • Guide de plongée
  • Assurance de plongée
  • Assurance de voyage
  • Bouteille 15L
  • Frais de parcs marins et de port


Destinations Exuma Cays
Disponible à bord Equipement de pêche
Langues parlées à bord Anglais

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