Hello again, Sipadan

There’s only a few places on earth were you can see huge schools of whirling barracudas that engulf you, large sea turtles of different species, lurking sharks, and jammed-packed reef of angelfish, triggerfish, morays and gobies all in just one dive....

This was my second time in Sipadan during the same year, i went aboard Celebes Explorer with 9 friendly divers from China during 31st July - 07th August 2016.

Due to the Typhoon Dindo, we had really bad conditions in the first two days, the sea was too rough to get to Sipadan island, so the dive team onboard arranged few dives around Mabul, Kapalai (muck diving and macro diving). However, on the 3rd day the sea got more calm and weather got better, so we finally get to Sipadan and "start our trip from then".

Without suprise, again we met these huge schools of whirling barracudas and jacks, lots of sea turtles, school of reef sharks, big-eye trevallys nearly every dive we done in Sipadan. Not only the big stuffs, but also lots of macro lifes: Garden eels, leaf scorpion fish, mantis shrimps, fire gobies, and various pipefish...

At Barracuda Point, we encountered a huge school of barracuda in a tornado-like formation, as well as a big shcool of Jack Fish (near the surface), where we spent time swimming through and playing with. And we also saw giant Trevally, Grey reef sharks, Unicorn fish, several White tip sharks, Bluefin Trevally, huge Parrot fish, huge Green and Hawksbill Turtles...

Have a look at our trip video, you will see ...

Sipadan, August 2016 with our Chinese guests from Dive and Cruise on Vimeo.

The trip was reallly great with beautiful happy memories, but compare to the trip i did in April, i would recommend divers to visit Sipadan in April, which i consider is a the best season: better visibility, better weather, better actions. (This might also because of the Typhoon Dindo).

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