Trip Time : September-17-2022

Dive Conditions:
Visibility: good 45 - 75ft
Water Temperature: 82 - 84 F


The Indians, Spyglass Wall, Willy T Wreck, Ring Dove Rock

Santa Monica Rock, Dead Chest North, RMS Rhone.

Seal Dog Rock, Bronco Billy, POS, Coral Gardens, Kodiac Queen.

Aquarium, Wall 2 Wall, Deathly Towers.

Everyday Details

Saturday September 18th : We welcomed some of our guests onboard this afternoon, and not to our usual sunny day, with Tropical Storm Fiona causing flight disruptions for some of our guests getting to BVI, we have a slightly slower start for getting this show on the road. Chef Jason made a delightful meal for everyone, and we settled in for the night to have the boat prepared for what the night could bring.

Sunday September 19th : We woke up to a still grey day, but with the worst behind us, the storm has caused delays for arrival time for a number of our guests, so will be having a relaxing day of getting to know our guests we have onboard, games, movies, staying out of the rain, and planning the week out once we have everyone onboard and ready to go.

Monday September 20th : With storm Fiona finally passed us, we are able to get the boat back to working action, and ready for guests to arrive with the ports and airports being open again. Our day was spent with movies for the guests, and exploring the island of Tortola. In the afternoon, we managed to welcome the remaining passengers aboard, have our safety briefing and end the evening with another delicious meal. Then all guests had an early night, ready to get started for the trip first thing in the morning.

Tuesday September 21st : We started the day bright and breezy with sunshine back in the sky, and ready to hit the water for some beautiful diving in the BVIs! We departed Village Cay Marina with the sun rising through the Sir Drake Francis Channel, and made our way to Normal Island, and started with a great drift dive over The Indians, here we saw a scrawled filefish couple dancing with each other, a juvenile nurse shark bouncing along the reef with us through the drift, and trumpetfish trying their best to hide in and amongst the gorgonians and soft corals.

Wednesday September 22nd : With the good weather still shinning, we headed to one of our favorite dive sites of Santa Monica Rock, where our guests had the private tour around the site by the resident Caribbean reef sharks, bumped into a green turtle, nudibranchs, and enjoyed the mass amount of corals that cover this site. After a quick stop off at Dead Chest North, we continued over to Salt Island, to finish the day with the RMS Rhone, again we had Caribbean reef sharks, Southern stingrays, free swimming whitespotted moray eels, giant lobsters, trigger and filefish, as well as an exciting shark display on the surface, where one shark was making a big splash for his next meal!

Thursday September 23rd : On a flat calm morning like today, there is nothing better then heading to Seal Dog Rocks to see what it has to offer, and today it did a great job! Massive schools of fish surrounded the site, and the day continued as it started, included visits by a Nurse shark sleeping under the fin of the hammerhead plane wreck, eagle rays gliding past on a navigation course, turtles posing for our divers, barracudas chasing bubbles, squid attacks on night dives and Southern stingrays being their calm collected selves, our divers had some brilliant and unique encounters underwater.

Friday September 24th : For our final day, only the brave and bold made it for the early start of a dusk dive at Aquarium, here and with our other sites for the day we were greeted by shoals of grunts and snappers, as well as having the chance to explore a small cave system at a new site of ‘Deathly Towers’ (the name might need some work), but it was a fantastic site, and so much to be seen at this place. We finished the day with our cocktail party on the sundeck - now that the bad weather has finally left us, this was a perfect setting for the last night for our guests and crew.

What Alex told us about his trip

"Les epaves sont bien sympa, LE RMS Rhone est top.
Les autres épaves de type projet d'art, bateau pirate ou avions transformé en requins sont amusantes
Pas beaucoup de requins, mais avec la tempête pas étonnant.

Le bateau est vraiment top, equipage toujours aussi bon, seul point pouvant être gênant, étant les zodiaques pas super pratiques, on n'étions que 6 par zoé, mais c était deja pas simple, alors au complet, a 10, j'imagine pas.

Pour des plongeurs ages, c est un gros problème je pense."

@ This feedback is provided by Alex (our guest), please give respect to his copyright!


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