Pacific Master is a deluxe standard dive yacht runs by Master Fleet, offering scuba trips in Solomons Islands, Bikini Atoll, Truk Lagoon according to the seasons, it can accommodate 20 guests.

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Pacific Master is a custom designed steel diving vessel, built in 2004 and completely renovated recently, it was maintained to its best condition with yearly maintenance, it is 38 meters long, 8 meters wide, cruises at 11 knots and have 220-volt power onboard which using Australia style 3-prong outlets.

It boasts a huge lounge and dining area with DVDs, large TVs and a dedicated camera area for our photographer guests. Spend time sharing your photos from your adventure, reading a book from our library or just hanging out in air conditioned comfort.

Onboard, the chef offer a choice of international and local cuisine, all meals are served in buffet style. In between the meals, there is always some tasty treats for you to pick up. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let our booking agents know, so we can put an note for you.

There is a range of fruit juices, balck/green herbal teas available any time of the day, as well as instant and freshly brewed coffee. Guests may also select carbonated soft drinks, beer, wine or spirit from the cocktail bar for an additional fee, in accordace with local law, we have a "Ship-Only" bar policy.

Pacific Master also provide various outside lounges: up top we have a large sun deck complete with loungers where you can catch some sun as the world goes by. On our second deck, we have an expansive covered seating area where you can just sit back and relax.

The dive deck has toilets, freshwater showers & freshwater rinse bins for equipment. Each station has ample storage for your equipment above and below your station. Two ladders access the dive platform provide easy access to and from the water. Most dives are done directly off the dive deck with a tender in the water for additional safety. Photography facilities are excellent.


Pacific Master has 12 guest cabins, it can accommodate up to 20 guests per trip:

All cabins have airconditioner, hairdryer (on request), charging facilities, storage area etc.

1 Premium Double Cabin (# 2):
Located on the upper deck, this cabin comes with one king size double bed, sitting area, ensuite bathroom, port windows.

4 Classic Twin/Double Cabin (# 3, 4, 5, 6) :
Located on the upper deck, each cabin comes with one double bed and one single bed in bunk style, ensuite bathroom, port windows.

1 Classic Twin Cabin (#1) :
Located on the upper deck, this cabin comes with two single beds in bunk style, ensuite bathroom, port windows.

2 Standard Twin Cabins (#7, 8) :
Located on the lower deck, each cabin comes with two set of bunk beds, portholes. Only for two guests each cabin, guests will use the shared bathrooms on the main deck.

4 Standard Single Cabins (#9 - 12):
Located on the lower deck, each cabin comes with two single bunk beds, portholes. Only for single use, guests will use the shared bathrooms on the main deck

5 Shared Bahtrooms :
Located on the main deck, each with toilet, sink and shower.

Diving in Turk Lagoon

  • 3 dives per day + alternating additional sunset/night dives.
  • No dive on the embarkation and disembarkation day.
  • Only 1 - 2 dives will be provided on the last diving day.
  • All diving will provide experienced guide to lead the dive.
  • Supports all types of totally closed-circuit rebreathers (CCR)
  • Offer Tri-mix support with helium and other Tec dive support

Diving in Bikini Atoll

  • A maximum of 2 dives will be scheduled per day.
  • No dive on the embarkation and disembarkation day.
  • Only 1 - 2 dives will be provided on the last diving day.
  • A minimum surface interval of 4 hours between dives.
  • Divers must have PADI Tec 50, or equivalent level
  • Divers must have 100 logged dives and wreck diving experience.
  • CCR divers must have normoxic trimix certification.
  • All diving will provide experienced guide to lead the dive.
  • We are unable to provide Trimix for Open Circuit.
  • "Deco Bar" will be installed under the dive platform.
  • M26 valves / adapters are not available onboard

Other Informations

  • Nitrox:Available with additional charge
  • 15L Tanks:Available with additional charge
  • REBREATHER Dive:Available with additional charge
  • Technical Dive:Available with additional cost
  • Dive Equipment Rental:Available with additional charge
  • Dive insurance:Divers must have valid dive insurance
  • Wi-Fi Internet :Not available at the moment yet
  • Laundry Service:Available with additional charge
  • Massage Service:Not available at the moment
  • Payment on board:Cash(USD/EUR/AUD/GBP)
  • Crew Number:13, include 2 - 3 dive guides

Parcours ( V.O )

Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands) Itineraries

Nowhere else can you dive such a fantastic collection of wrecks, including battleships, submarines, destroyers, and most notably the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga. Over 60 years later, the nuclear ghost fleet (as these wrecks are best known), rest in crystal blue waters that have since become home to an abundance of marine life with thriving reefs and corals.

Only since 1996 has Bikini Atoll been open to diving, making this destination a one-of-a-kind combination of spectacular historic wrecks in a remote and otherwise untouched tropical paradise. All divers must hold a technical certification as most of the wrecks sit at 50m or deeper.

Bikini Atoll - 10 Nights, 11 Nights, and 13 Nights Itinerary

Embarkation: Ebeye Island around15:00-15:30 (dependent on flight schedules)
Disembarkation: Ebeye Island between10:00and12:00 (dependent on flight schedules)

Transfer from Kwajalein to Ebeye Island and vice versa is by ferry which takes approximately 25 minutes from the US Army base. As Kwajalein is US Army territory, it is a restricted area and visitors are not allowed outside of the airport.

Upon arrival, travellers are taken to a holding area while their luggage is searched by sniffer dogs, and will remain there until the shuttle bus arrives for transfer to where the Army ferry departs for Ebeye Island. Upon arrival at Ebeye a representative from Master Liveaboards will meet guests for transfer to the liveaboard vessel.

As the average depth of the wrecks in Bikini Atoll is around 50 metres (150ft), this itinerary is only suitable for technical divers with previous wreck experience.

Requirements: Technical diving certified - minimum PADI Tec 50 or equivalent with wreck diving experience and 100+ logged dives. Guests are responsible for planning and adhering to their own dive profiles and decompression stops, and for obtaining suitable dive insurance for technical diving.

Day 1: Embarkation between 15:00 and 15:30 is followed by introductions, boat and safety briefings and dinner. There is no diving on embarkation day.

Day 2: If possible, the cruise director will schedule a morning dive on Prinz Eugen in Kwajalein Atoll before commencing the crossing to Bikini Atoll. The total distance from Ebeye to Bikini Atoll is 406 kilometres which is 25-34 hours of cruising depending on weather conditions.

Day 3: Afternoon arrival at Bikini Atoll. Diving on this day is dependent on how long the crossing from Ebeye takes and arrival time in Bikini.

Subsequent diving days are scheduled as follows: Breakfast - Dive 1 - Lunch - Dive 2 - Snack - Dinner.

Mid-trip (Day 6, 7 or 9, depending on length of itinerary): 1 morning dive only. After lunch guests will have the opportunity to take a land tour on Bikini Island followed by beach barbeque, or guests can remain on board and relax. No alternative diving will be offered.

Day before disembarkation: Departure from Bikini Atoll in the early hours for crossing back to Ebeye.

Disembarkation day: Arrival in Ebeye around 10:00; disembarkation time will be dependent on United Airlines flight departure time and ferry to Kwajalein.

Truk Lagoon Itineraries

Truk Lagoon (also known as Chuuk) is best known for its world-class wreck diving and with over 61 wrecks, tightly packed into a coral reef lagoon, it is easy to appreciate why divers travel to this area time and time again. During WWII, the Japanese fleet used Truk as one of their main staging points for attacks on the allied forces.

Truk Lagoon - 7 Nights, 9 Nights, and 10 Nights Itinerary

Embarkation: Weno at 14:00
Disembarkation: Weno at 07:00

Transfers from and to Chuuk Airport or Weno hotels for embarkation and disembarkation are included in the cruise price. Due to flight constraints, some Truk Lagoon itineraries operate back to back on the same day. In these instances, outgoing guests will be transferred to a local resort after a light breakfast where they can wait in comfort for their outgoing flight.

Incoming guests arriving in the morning on embarkation day will be transferred to a local resort where they can enjoy a light lunch and some time to relax or visit the local museum.

Requirements: PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent, 50 logged dives - Recommended additional 40 meter deep diver certified for recreational divers, or "PADI Tec 50" or equivalent for technical divers.

The number of technical level dives possible will be determined by individual dive plans, taking into consideration bottom times and decompression stops. Technical divers need to submit a complete dive plan before each dive. Normally, we do not limit dive times, unless we need to move the boat, which guests will be informed of during the dive briefings. However, all plans and extended bottom times must be reasonable from a safety point of view as Truk Lagoon is in a very remote location with limited emergency facilities.

Day 1: Embarkation from 14:00 onwards (dependent on flight schedules) followed by introductions, boat and safety briefings and dinner. There is no diving on embarkation day. On the following days, your Cruise Director will schedule up to 4 recreational dives per day; either 4 day dives or 3 day dives and a twilight dive. There are no night dives on the wrecks.

Days 2-6 (7 nights) / Days 2-8 (9 nights) / Days 2-9 (10 nights): Each day is typically scheduled as follows: Light breakfast - Dive 1 - Full breakfast - Dive 2 - Lunch - Dive 3 - Snack - Dive 4 - Dinner

Day before disembarkation: Depending on guests' flight departure** time, there may be the possibility to schedule 1 or 2 dives in the morning for the last full day on board.

Disembarkation day: Following a light breakfast on board, disembarkation is scheduled for 07:00. We kindly request that guests check their flight departure times to ensure that they leave a minimum of 24 hours between their final dive and their flight home.



Destinations Lagon de Truk, Atoll de Bikini
Disponible à bord Support Nitrox, Plongée Sidemount, Support Rebreather, Support Tech, Station pour Photographe, Blanchisserie
Langues parlées à bord Anglais

Horaires & trajets

Prix & conditions


  • Transferts de l'aéroport et/ou de l'hôtel au yacht
  • TVA et taxes locales
  • Formule repas pension complète (y compris les collations)
  • Dispensaire d'eau, café instantané, thé
  • Dîner la veille du débarquement
  • Boissons non alcoolisées
  • Activité de plongée (y bouteilles, ceinture et plombs)
  • Guide de plongée
  • Excursions terrestres et activités
  • Assurance accident de bateau
  • Serviettes de cabine et articles de toilette
  • Service de nettoyage de cabine

Non inclus

  • Vols domestiques
  • Frais de parcs marins et de port
  • Supplément carburant
  • Boissons alcoolisées
  • Location d'équipement
  • Bouteille 15L
  • Nitrox
  • Formations possibles à bord
  • Assurance de plongée (exigence obligatoire)
  • Assurance de voyage
  • Pourboires

Informations pratiques

Lagon de Truk

Période: les croisières plongées sont possible toute toute l'année.

Les visas: le visa n'est pas nécessaire pour tous les touristes séjournant moins de 30 jours. Tous les voyageurs doivent avoir un billet d'avion sortant du pays en entrant dans le pays.

Climat: le climat océanique tropical de Chuuk est toujours chaud et humide, avec des températures constantes toute l'année autour de 27° avec un max à 32° et un min à 21°. Les mois les plus pluvieux sont octobre et novembre. La saison cyclonique se situe entre août et décembre mais Chuuk est rarement touche pas les typhons.

Eau: les eaux calmes du lagon de Truk ont une température entre 28-29° C, très peu de courant de courants et une bonne visibilité entre 12 et 30 mètres.

Vêtements: des vêtements légers sont recommandés durant toute l'année, les nuits peuvent être fraiches ou pluvieuses, une veste légère est donc recommandé.

Fiches: Type A / B (US) 120V 60 Hz

Vols: United Airlines vers Truk (Chuuk) à partir de Guam et de Palikir.

Devises: la monnaie locale est le Dollar américain (USD), cartes de crédit sont acceptées dans les centres de villégiature. Il est recommandé d'apporter des liquidités avec vous, les ATM et bureaux de change étant limitées.

Atoll de Bikini

Period : Liveaboards usually runs during the best diving season from May to October.

Visa's : Visitors from the EU, UK, USA, China are exempt from visas for stays up to 90 days. Many other nationalities can get a visa on arrival for $100 for stays up to 90 days. Non-US citizens will need to apply for an ESTA under the Visa Waiver Program or acquire a USA visa before travelling (for transit via Guam or Hawaii).

Climat : 27°C - 30°C air temperature all year

Water : Water temperatures range from 27°C to 29°C year round. Crystal clear water - 40-60m visibility. Either 3 mm or 5 mm full length exposure suit are suitable. A 3 mm suit is appropriate for those who do not feel the cold as much or do not intend deep diving (30m+). A 5 mm suit helps wreck divers to prevent injury. Technical divers are advised to bring appropriate exposure protection for prolonged deco-stops.

Clothing : Casual summer wear can be worn during the day any time of the year. A sweater is advised for cooler nights,

Electricity : 220V and 110V with 2 round pin sockets (European style). Please make sure you bring a universal adapter with you if necessary.

Flights : To reached the Kwajalein Airport (KWA), it's recommend that you book your international flight via Honolulu, Hawaii (HNL), which is served by United Airlines 3 times per week, and takes around 7 hrs.

Currency : Local currency is US Dollar (USD), The majority of all hotels, resorts, shops and restaurants will accept a wide range of credit and debit cards. Smaller businesses may only deal in cash.

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Pacific Master is a deluxe standard dive yacht runs by Master Fleet, offering scuba trips in Solomons Islands, Bikini Atoll, Truk Lagoon according to the seasons, it can accommodate 20 guests.

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