Maluku Explorer is a spacious and luxurious dive vessel providing cruises in the Indonesian island of Halmahera. It can host up to 18 passengers on board.

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Maluku Explorer is a spacious and luxurious dive liveaboard offering a simple and relaxing lifestyle while visiting the most interesting and beautiful locations around Halmahera Island. She was built between 2010 and 2011 and measures 35m long for 8m wide. She is powered with 2 engines Caterpillar V10 450Hp so she can cruise at 13 knots per hour. You will find on board a 110/220 volt power.

There is one general rule cruising with Maluku Explorer: if your hair is dry it is time to dive and if your hair is wet it is time to eat. The entire day is dedicated to scuba diving. That is why the huge dive platform located on the main deck is fully equipped with individual storage for your gear, a spacious kitting up area and 2 deck showers. Two tender boats will be used for diving (6.5m long, taking 6 divers each).

Maluku Explorer is entirely air-conditioned. Between dives you can enjoy a massage or just relax on the sun deck, the shady rear lounge or in the indoor salon, all located on the upper deck.

On the main deck is the dinning room where you will enjoy delicious meals. You will have a short breakfast before your first dive, with bread, tea or coffee. Next, a real breakfast will be served, chosen from a selection of Chinese and Indonesian favorites. Lunch usually consists of a soup and a variety of warm dishes, both Chinese and Indonesian. An afternoon snack will be offered after your third dive. At around 8PM, the bell will ring for a delicious dinner served by the stewards in the main salon.


Maluku Explorer has 9 spacious cabins and can accommodate 18 guests with comfort.

All cabins include air-conditioning, a private bathroom with shower, toilet and towels.

1 Premium Cabin (N°1): Located on the upper deck, it is very large and equipped with one double bed and a large panoramic window.

2 Master Cabins (N°2 & 3): Located on the main deck, one is equipped with one double bed and the other with two single beds, both including a panoramic window.

4 Twin Standard Cabins (N°4 to 7): Located on the lower deck, equipped with two single beds.

2 Single Standard Cabins (N°8 & 9): Located on the lower deck, they are slightly smaller and equipped with two single bunk beds.


  • 3 dives per day, depending on sea conditions/route.

  • 2 night dives per week, each one of them carefully prepared.

  • All diving will provide expected guide to lead the dive.

Other Information

  • Nitrox:Available.
  • Dive insurance:Divers traveling aboard must have valid dive insurance.
  • Payment on board:Unknown.
  • Crew Number:12, including dive guides.
  • Other activities: Shore excursions.

Parcours ( V.O )


The diving with Maluku Explorer is located in an area that is only accessible for a little amount of divers in the North Moluccas: South-Halmahera.

The Turns usually start in Ternate, a few begin in Manado and reach the areas Halmahera within two day. In the middle of the way to Halmahera we'll offer you also some phantastic dives. The area of Halmahera comprises 399 islands and has scarcely been visited by divers. We offer our guest some possibilities to do landtours. Either you join an official landtour organized by the local government and visit a former rubber plantation, an ancient Portugese fortress, a gemstone manufacturing and last but not least a visit at a local market. This area ist well known since centuries for it's spicies. Or you just have a look at a village with 250 inhabitants, we decided to support this village so they built a school, a First-Aid-station and a well. Feel free to bring some gifts. We recommend some usefull stuff like papers and pens for the kids, also some toys like soap bubbles. Please avoid of bringing sweets because most of the time it's wrapped in plastic and this will have an impact to this village.

Some of the dives are therefore still true exploration dives. In this area there are breathtaking cliffs and overhangs that are overgrown terrific. The character of the dive sites will vary enarly every day. From small to big staff you'll see Reef slope diving, wall diving and you'll explore amazing under water landscapes might it be a pinnacle or huge under water rockformation.

The magnificent coral diversity is home to a multitude of small creatures such as pygmy seahorses, blue ring octopus, hairy octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, snails and crabs. Every dive our guides will show the astonishing variety of small creatures which is Indonesia world-famous for. Nudebranches in all colour variations, pipefish and other critters waiting for your exploration. But don't forget to mention the enormous amount of big staff waiting for you nearly every dive like reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse schools of butterfly fish, bat fish, surgeonfish, longfin bannerfish, hump head parriot fish families passing by and from time to time nice visits from eagle rays, mobulas and - with a little luck on your site - Manta rays. We also have minimum two spots where you have a fair chance to spot a huge school of adult and healthy barracudas. We discovered a few month ago a dive site which we called 'Manta Bay'. If you dove in Southeast-Asia already you maybe get bored of all the Manta- and Sharkpoints they offer. Of course we can not guarantee that you'll see them but 8 out of ten trips we spot them. Best season for this amazing creatures is September / October. With luck you can encounter the rare Epaulette shark which was formaly known to live only in Raja Ampat during our night dives.

The biodiversity in this area is amazing and impressive so you'll be flashed by huge and healthy hard- and softcoral gardens colourized by sponges in all sizes and colours. No El Ninjo nor Tsunamis destroyed this reefs and we take care that only traditional fishery is made to preserve this amazing spots.

The route in southern Halmaheras is often flexible during a liveaboard on the Maluku Explorer. Of course, there is a rough plan on where to go, but the weather is the main factor that decides exactly how the route will finally look during a trip. The adjacent map is a possible course, but includes almost all the top spots that are approached on almost every tour! Please note: The map shows a tour from Labuha to Ternate. Upcoming tours will take place from/to Labuah.


3-4 dives are offered daily. You should have a minimum of 50 dives and you should be prepared that we have strong currents. Check the moon calendar but if you do a two week trip you will have new moon or full moon phases and strong currents will occur - and the big stuff is coming out.

Before each dive, an English-language briefing by the Indonesian dive guides will take place. Responsible individual diving in Buddy system is not a problem with adequate experience after talking to the Tour management. Normally your group will join one of three experienced Indonesian Guides which are proud and enthusiastic to show you their pristine under water world. During your time on board you won't need to take care of your Equipment anymore. We take care for everything from re-filling your tank to rinsing your equipment at the and of the trip.



Destinations Nord Sulawesi
Disponible à bord Support Nitrox, Support Tech, Station pour Photographe
Langues parlées à bord Anglais, Allemand

Horaires & trajets

Prix & conditions


  • Bouteilles, ceinture et plombs
  • Transferts Aéroport/Hôtel le jour du départ et du retour
  • Dispensaire d'eau, café instantané, thé
  • Guide de plongée
  • Supplément carburant
  • Dîner la veille du débarquement
  • Excursions terrestres
  • Assurance accident de bateau

Non inclus

  • Vols domestiques
  • Boissons alcoolisées (bières et/ou vin)
  • Boissons en bouteilles et cannettes
  • Formations possibles à bord
  • Pourboires
  • Location d'équipement
  • Assurance de plongée
  • Bouteille 15L
  • Nitrox
  • Frais de parcs marins et de port

Informations pratiques

Nord Sulawesi

Période: les croisières plongées au Nord Sulawesi sont possible toute l'année avec une saison haute de Avril à Octobre.

Les visas: pour la plupart des nationalités dans le monde entier, un visa touriste valide pour 30 jours peut être obtenu à l'arrivée à l'aéroport. Le cout est de 35,00 USD en espèces. Ces visas d'entrée ne peuvent pas être prolonges sur place..

Climat: climat équatorial Tropical dans tout le pays, la fourchette de température quotidienne moyenne est de 23° à 30°. La saison des pluies va de Novembre à Avril.

Eau: les températures de l'eau sont généralement de 27°/29°, avec certaines parties plus froides comme au Detroit de Lembeh (25° en Juillet/Aout).

Vêtements: les vêtements légers et aérés sont idéales, prévoir un pull/veste légère pour les soirées.

Fiches: Type C Europlug, 230V 50 Hz

Vols: l'aéroport de Manado Sam Ratulangi permet des vols internationaux à destination/en provenance de Singapour (3,5 heures). Il y a également des vols fréquents vers Jakarta (3 h 15min) et depuis Makassar (1,5 heures)

-Les taxes d'aéroport au départ sont perçus à chaque aéroport indonésien. Ces taxes doivent être payées en espèces en Roupie indonésienne (IDR). Les frais pour les départs domestiques varient entre IDR 20. 000-40 000 par personne. Dans les aéroports internationaux, les frais sont plus élevés, entre IDR 100.000-150.000 par personne.
-Veuillez noter que la franchise de bagages sur les vols intérieurs sont limitée à 15kg par personne et les kilos supplémentaires a régler sur place entre 1€/2€ par Kilo..

Devises: la monnaie officielle est la roupie indonésienne (IDR), les bureaux de change se trouvent dans les villes principales. Les distributeurs sont disponibles dans la plupart des villes (Visa/Masterd carte/Unionpay). Les cartes de crédit ne sont pas acceptées partout et des frais sont souvent appliques.

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