Nous avons passé une superbe croisière de dix jours, les sites des plongées étaient variés. Superbe expérience avec la plongée de nuit avec les mantas à l'arrière du bateau. Le buffet était bon avec du poisson pêché le jour même. Les chambres et salle de bain spacieuses... Lire le commentaire

Nous voilà rentrés il y a peu des îles cocos. Nous avons passé une superbe expérience à bord de ce bateau. Le crew était très sympathique, la nourriture très bonne. Au niveau de la plongée, nous en faisions 3 par jour mis à part 2 jours où l'on en a fait 4. Je trouve qu'il serait bien d'avancer toute les plongées du matin car la 3e plongée n'était malheureusement jamais très... Lire le commentaire

The Red Sea Aggressor 2 is a very comfortable boat, even when there are 20 divers on board. The spaces and the service were some of the best I have encountered, and the food was the absolute best, by a wide margin. The chef prepared quite elaborate and nicely presented dishes every day, comparable to what other boats would prepare for a special dinner, such as Christmas. With all the appetite... Lire le commentaire

船宿回来啦:这艘船的伙食也太棒了!哈哈哈,给厨师一万个赞!总的来说,这艘船性价比真的不错!谢谢Shueri! Lire le commentaire

Overall a truly memorable diving expedition. All cabins were very comfortable, and there was a nice touch that we were all given a metal water container with a tag for our name that we could refill when we wanted as plastic usage is kept to a minimum on this boat. The boat camera workshop was the best I have come across on a liveaboard. Each camera station has its own fan, a 4 or 6 plug extension... Lire le commentaire

My wife and I just returned from our 2nd trip aboard the M/V Carpe Vita (Feb. 2019). This team has been together for some time now and it shows. Food, Service, Safety, and Diving were just Great. Carpe Vita is one of the few giving 10 day trips and 4 dives per day. Max 20 divers and ratio of divers to guides is spot on. Just Diving leave the fancy cloths home bring more bathing will... Lire le commentaire

Cruise in Raja Ampat on January. The boat is not brand new, but well organized, spacious and comfortable. The food was delicious and the overall service was perfect. You are always pampered in every way. Diving activities went smooth and we enjoyed every dive. Great crew and great job! Thanks to our cruise director Daniel! Raja Ampat is absolutely worth visiting. Lire le commentaire

One of my colleagues recommended this boat for diving the best of Indonesia, sure it is! The boat was really comfortable, Everything is functioning well. There was loads of space in our cabin and in the shared spaces all around the boat. The beds in the cabins on this boat were better than any we have experienced before, the food and wine selection was a real bonus, plus very attentive boat crew... Lire le commentaire

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