The trip was FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it so so so so much !!! Th only boat onsite everyday, great group, great food great local dive guide great crew ! Excellent airpot service, really fantastic ( I will get used to it hahahaha). Visibility for the dive was so so but I managed for the photo. Inside the boat is quite fancy but not sail build so lot of damage already appears even if... Lire le commentaire

我觉得这艘船还可以,虽然小点,但是人也少,其实也蛮好的,我住的是下铺,一人间,昨天做了一个check dive,哈哈哈,体验了轻微洗衣机流,上午在 Hulhumale Neru 这个地方,潜了两潜,这个点也很不错,这几天看到了好多鲨鱼和manta,还有遇到了很有挑战的流,天气也还不错。这几天碰到了的流感觉都在让我进步,哈哈哈。这一趟感激蛮惬意的,一想到后天要回去了,感觉好快,时间过得太快了 Lire le commentaire

We had a wonderful week on the White Manta. The diving in Raja Ampat is really something special, so beautiful! The boat is nice, spacious, with nice rooms and incredible comfy beds. The service is outstanding. The moment you come out of the water, you can sit down under a hot shower, while they help you get out your wetsuit. Then you get a towel and a cup of tea, or hot chocolat.The boys are... Lire le commentaire

除了天气欠佳,其他还不错,船方安排得很好,最好玩的是飘洗衣机流,放流潜水这些,太好玩了。船上还举办了照片视频比赛,全员投票,照片匿名,然后最高奖励一次这艘船的船宿,船方安排真的不错!服务很好,很开心,虽然因为天气不太好,说实在的,没看到什么东西,但是船方真的很努力了,谢谢,我们今后可以多定他们家的船宿! Lire le commentaire

Un petit retour de Palau. Apres un long ( tres long ! ) trajet pour rejoindre l archipel, les paysages sont magnifiques digne de cartes postales, meteo plutot bonne, quelques averses par-ci par-la, 30C la journee, 28C le soir :) Eau chaude, trop, 30C, voir 31C sur certain sites, et ca se voit au niveau des coraux, je n ai jamais vu autant de corail blanchi ( j ai vu a plusieurs reprises des... Lire le commentaire

shueri,早上好。这一趟船宿总体上还是不错的,也是我第一次体验船宿,船员和潜店的人都挺好的,船上的设施也很齐全,饮食这块也都还可以,船相对有点小,因为出行这几天天气不是太好,浪一直比较大,所以对于晕船的人可能是个考验,哈哈,其实对我就是个考验,浪小的时候其实挺惬意,沿途的潜点也很漂亮,但同样,每次上船是个考验。建议的话,自己携带一些应对晕船相关的东西,虽然船上也有,另外建议潜水设备的话尽量自己携带,潜店提供的设备相对旧一点,比如不习惯短款潜水衣的我就是一次考验,沿途潜点的难度适中,会很轻松惬意。总之这次要是不是雨天和没有晕船对我而言就很完美啦! Lire le commentaire

这次马代的船宿体验总体不错!这艘船很大,客舱是我船宿过最大的,而且船上的相机室也很方便,多尼船也很宽敞。总体的体验不错,餐食正常,不是很惊艳但是也不难吃,口味比较清淡,对于中国人来说可能需要老干妈。潜水的话,潜导很负责,水下速度掌握得不错,不会太快也不会太慢,还会很努力地指东西给你看。船员的服务都不错,基本上都是有求必应的。马代潜水果然性价比不错,比我们上次住度假村的体验好多了,推荐 Lire le commentaire

Really great way to dive in Thailand. The last two days of diving were amazing. So much to see and experience. Special thanks to Alex our dive instructor. He knew exactly were to go to avoid the crowds and show us all all the best stuff big and small Lire le commentaire

We were there in Sept, the water was 86'. Never needed wetsuit. Captain Sam and all the crew were outstanding and kept us entertained the entire time. We were in Cabin 4 and we had so much storage area, we ended up not using the closets. The one special crew member I would like to give 5 stars to is Julia, the housemouse. She was amazing! She was always working hard and constantly asked if... Lire le commentaire

The staff are so friendly and professional. Rooms are clean and food is delocious. It was my first liveaboard trip. I had lots of fun. The shark feeding dive is amazing. So as the cave diving on the last day. Lire le commentaire

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